Introduction to Pecha Kucha

Knut Jul Meland
PhD students
Steven Bos

Introductory course in PechaKucha organized by the Industrial Research School in Complex Systems at campus Vestfold

The Research School organized an introductory course in PechaKoucha for its student members from UiA, NTNU and USN at campus Vestfold on 23 May.

The students will use this presentation technique during the Annual Event in Kongsberg, Autumn 2023.

The courseholder Knut Jul Meland, from the department of communication at USN challenged the students to present their research through storytelling and images in only six and a half minute.

PechaKucha is a great way for the students to boost their presentation skills and share their scientific knowledge in a way that creates engagement. They really need to focus on the essence of their research and the most important aspects to communicate to their audience.

This form of presentation was new to the majority and we are looking forward to see them in action at Krona in September!