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Members of the Industrial Research School in Complex Systems

As a PhD member we will help you gain a greater understanding of industry and complex systems through building a connection with our industrial partners.

Our offers

Credit giving PhD courses

        Digital lectures 12-23 June 2023 (week 24 -25) except June 14 and 23

        Every day from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

        Homework project (week 26 - 35)

        Limited places

        Fully booked

        Module 1: Dinner - 8 May 2023m (place and time will be announced later)

Research training - 9 May 2023 @NTNU Trondheim from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

        Module 2: On-the-job training

        Module 3: R&D&I Management. 30-31 May 2023 (week 22) @Krona,

        USN Kongsberg

        Deadline application 21. Aprile

  • Innovation in Complex Systems (Developing)
Internship/work within the industry
  • Internship (free seat at one of our industry partners)
  • 50% work (paid) at industry and get extension for PhD programme
  • 100% work (paid) at industry and get extension for PhD programme

Duration of internship/work will vary for each available position. Extension to the PhD programme is up to one year so the total PhD time should not exceed 4 years.

Travel and accommodation grants

Members of Industry research school in complex systems can apply for travel grant to participate in the schools’ courses and workshops outside their hometown.

Members can receive up to NOK 2500 per round trip.

Hotel accommodation costs can be covered up to NOK 1200 per night for duration of the course.

We do not cover per diem/subsistence allowance.

Annual conference

We are planning an annual conference, more information will follow.

Membership criterias

Membership in the Industrial Research School is open to all PhD students at Norwegian institutions, who feels that their project is related to complex industrial systems. You can be a member of several research schools simultaneously, and there are no obligations to being a member. It is not required that your project is directly related to an industrial company.

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