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  • Connecting coordinators from Research Schools across the country and sharing best practices

Connecting coordinators from Research Schools across the country and sharing best practices

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Seminar for Research School Coordinators in Bergen

On June 2nd, the University of Bergen hosted the annual Forum for Research School Administrators in Bergen, Norway. The event brought together administrative coordinators from research schools across the country.

The seminar began with a focus on sharing best practices and engaging in discussions about the challenges and opportunities within different fields. Topics covered included internships, the relevance of research to work life, the implementation and development of Ph.D. courses offered by the PhD school, and annual arrangements.

Following lunch, Professor Inge Beate Pettersen from the Mohn Center for Innovation and Regional Developement, delivered a presentation on PhD programs and innovation. She explored the question of how to motivate Ph.D. students to engage in innovation and emphasized the importance of delivering on the "Third Mission," which involves making a contribution back to society beyond traditional teaching and research.

After Professor Pettersen's presentation, PhD student Frida Olsen Engedahl shared insights from her action-based PhD project. She discussed responsible student innovation and entrepreneurship in HEIS (Higher Education Institutions) and highlighted the launch of HVL Skape in 2019, an initiative associated with this project.

Finally, PhD student Justas Zalieckas presented his work on Innovation with diamonds and told about what helped him in his PhD journey, what encouraged him to take his diamond research to the next step and how exposure to competence in innovation and entrepreneurship helped him.

The following research schools attended the seminar:

  1. The Norwegian Research School on Digitalization, Culture and Society (DIGIT, 2022-2030) – Coordinator Tina Svingerud
  2. The Industrial Research School in Complex System (INRESCOS, 2022-2030) – Coordinator Monica Fagerlie
  3. The national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics, and systems biology (NORBIS, 2015-2023) – Coordinator Ragna Breines
  4. National Research School in Nutrition, (NutriNOR, 2022) – Coordinator Jutta Dierkes
  5. The Norwegian Research School of Global Health (NORBARN, 2016-2023) – Coordinator Hanne Birgitte Israelsen
  6. The Research school on changing climates in the coupled earth system (CHESS, 2015-2024)
  7. Center of Digital Life and Digital Life Norway Research School - Coordinator Rosalie Zwiggelaar
  8. The national graduate school in Mathematics and Science Education (MaScE, 2022-2030) – Coordinator Elna Svege
  9. Norwegian research school on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels (HySchool, 2022-2030) – coordinator Merry Ho

A big thank to the coordinators at the university of Bergen for hosting the seminar!