PechaKucha - Module III

Haytham Ali

Enhancing Communication Skills for Effective Presentations

08 Sep

Practical information

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Improving presentation skills is a continuous journey, and it takes time and effort to become an effective communicator. This is the reason for the PechaKucha presentation course we offer to all our PhD members. By investing in this technique, the students will not only enhance their ability to communicate their research but also open doors to collaborations, networking, and broader opportunities.

This is the 3rd module of our PechaKucha course. For this module it is important that the PechaKucha presentations are more or less ready.

During this session the you will:

  • Receive one-to-one feedback on your presentations by our coach from Talerskolen, Carl André Christensen.
  • Have the opportunity to provide and receive feedback to each other on the presentations.

The coach will help you to improve your presentation and presentation skills to ensure that your message reaches its intended audience to the greatest extent possible. The duration of the one-to-one feedback will approximately be 45-60 minutes each in a separate meeting room.