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Industrial participation in the Industrial Research School in Complex Systems

Do you need support in your problem solving? How about a PhD student to help you with your research needs?

Ïllustration for Complex Systems

The research school’s staff represent the best of both worlds. They have a deep understanding of industry (15 years working directly in industry on average) and they are experts in a variety of subjects that cover most of industrial needs for dealing with complex systems.

Our industrial partners have a representative in the steering board and all partners will be represented in the “Reference Group”. The reference group meets two times per year, and they provide advice and guidance based on the industry needs.

The industry will acquire “world-class” expertise and increase value creation and market shares.

Benefits for industrial partners

  • Access to bright minded PhD resources which could become future employees.
  • Access to the network of high tech companies, industrial clusters and research institutions
  • Get support for “Industrial PhD” (Nærings-ph.d) academic career within the company.
  • Opportunities to attract financial aid and form collaborations for future research that could help the company.
  • Increase research competency.
  • Industrial tailored research at universities.
  • Support research fellow for industrial projects (IPN projects, EU projects).

Concepts of experiential learning and reflective practice



  • Free seat for PhD candidate in your company
  • Collaborating with the PhD candidate on their project


  • If you have a special task you want the PhD student to work on you can hire in a 50% or 100% position.
  • Duration of internship/work will vary for each available position.
Industrial PhD

Industrial PhD

  • School can support industry partner to define industrial PhD projects related to complex systems and get funds
  • Research council of Norway will finance 50% of the costs of industrial PhD
  • The company can apply for 19% of the costs through tax deduction (skatteFUNN)
  • School’s academic partner can act as degree-conferring institution
  • Increases commitment to those tasks that should be done in the company

Become a partner?

You are welcome to collaborate with us and become a partner.

Contact us for partnership